Meet Theresa Stolfi at Empower Natural

Hello and Welcome!

A little about me. My name is Theresa Stolfi. I am a momma of 1, essential oil educator and founder of Empower Natural. I have a 20 year old son and a 3 year old black English bred lab named, Druddigon (he’s a Pokemon, not my choice). I am married to an amazing man, Mike, who is my biggest fan and supporter. I am looking forward to celebrating 30 years of marriage this year with him!

I was first introduced to essential oils when our son was a baby.  My dad used to use peppermint candy/flavored things on EVERYTHING!  I thought hmmmm, there must be something to this.  Our son was having trouble breathing deeply at night and the peppermint allowed for easier, more rhythmic breathing.  Once I started using a couple oils and noticed the positive effects they had within my home, I was anxious to learn more about them.

My background and education is in business management. Previously, I worked in a large corporation for 28+ years, then a physician’s office who practiced both Western and Eastern medical approaches.  Primarily focusing on children with an autism spectrum disorder and/or lyme’s disease.  Our journey had lead us along this path after our son was diagnosed at a young age with an autism spectrum disorder.

He’s the one who encouraged me to teach others about essential oils and how they can help balance your body.  Although I’ve always enjoyed my roles in an office setting, it is my dream to start my own business and to be able to work for myself.

After learning about the quality of essential oils and discovering their amazing benefits, I developed a passion for them. I continuously found myself wanting to know more and learn more ALL the time. It was then I realized that my desire to learn more, teach, and share the benefits of essential oils, just might be the start of something much bigger.

I have created Empower Natural because I have a passion for learning, educating and helping others along their essential oil journey. I share free tips and resources for others to build upon their essential oil knowledge. Join my free essential oil resource Empower Natural Community today.

FUN FACTS: My favorite color is blue, I love reading, sewing and spending time with my family and friends.  I have a passion to help others and have wanted to do mission work since I was little.  I am the youngest of 8. I love to live life and share with others.  My favorite place I’ve visited is Italy and I can’t wait to return there.  I’d love to live there someday!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me and find the information here informative. My goal, through this site, is to share valuable and relatable content. Please relax and make yourself comfortable. Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and peruse the site!