How crazy! doTERRA is offering two new oils in the month of August as a special promotion. Let’s take a look at the properties and benefits of these fantastic additions and how you can get them at no additional cost.

Manuka Essential Oil (10mL Touch Roll-on)

Manuka has been available in New Zealand and Australia for some time. It is native to those countries and has been used for centuries in traditional holistic practices.

Manuka essential oil has many healing and aromatherapy properties, but can also be mixed with other oils for your own personal scent. It smells great mixed with peppermint or bergamot. Try other combinations to see what suits your own personal style.

Health Benefits

    • Support scalp when dry or flaky
    • Helps provide relief from bites and stings
    • Helps with fungal and bacterial infections
    • Promotes healthy inflammatory response
    • Supports body during seasonal changes and threats
  • Helps minimize the appearance of scars and overall skin issues

Aromatherapy Properties

    • Promotes feelings of courage and inner peace
    • Fights feelings of self doubt, sadness, and anxiousness
    • Calms emotions and soothes tension
    • Relaxing and comforting to your mood
    • Promotes feels in centering and grounding
  • Excellent to use before and during yoga


    • Roll on daily to boost your courage
    • Apply during your skin care routine to promote young and healthy looking skin
    • Use as part of a relaxing, soothing massage during times of burden
  • Layer Manuka with Peppermint and Bergamot essential oils for refreshing motivation.

Blending: Try blending with Peppermint, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Clove, Geranium, lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary and Ylang-Ylang

Litsea Essential Oil (15mL bottle)

Flowering New Zealand teatree Manuka Leptospermum scoparium dwarfed shrub in exposed location on Tawarahanui Peninsula North Island NZ

YAY! Another citrus oil! Litsea is affectionately known as the little sister of Lemongrass and has a citrusy scent.  It is native to East Asia and has been used by the indigenous people of Taiwan in traditional holistic practices for hundreds of years.

Litsea essential oil is also used in the perfume and cosmetic industry for its blending properties and for its light lemony aroma that isn’t as woodsy as lemongrass.

Health Benefits

    • Helps keep skin looking and feeling smooth
    • Helps keep your skin clean and fresh
    • Calming to the muscles when taken internally*
  • May help promote healthy cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and respiratory systems*

Aromatherapy Benefits

    • Promotes feelings of balance
    • Promotes feels of energy
  • Promotes feelings of creativity


    • Add to your daily routine to promote clear breathing and support a healthy respiratory system*
    • Combine Litsea essential oil with water in a spray bottle to cleanse surface and refresh the air throughout the home.
    • When experiencing anxious feelings, drop one or two drops of Litsea essential oil into a glass of water to help soothe and calm the senses.
    • Add one or two drops to your daily facial cleanser to help reduce the appearance of blemishes
  • Combine Litsea with complimentary oils such as Lavender, Sandalwood, or Frankincense in your doTERRA diffuser to promote feelings of balance and tranquility.


Blends well with Lavender, Sandalwood or Frankincense to promote feelings of balance. Blend with Melaleuca for a clean fresh scent.

HOW TO EARN Manuka Essential Oil and Litsea Essential OIL

How to Earn:

    • All orders must be placed and processed by August 31, by 11:59 MT to receive the free product.
    • Orders placed outside the qualifying period (August 1- August 31, 2018) will not receive the free product
    • Orders below the 200 PV requirement will not receive the free product
    • PV is not equal to the cost of an order. Before completing an order, the individual ordering must verify that the order is at least 200 PV.
    • A single 200 PV order can only qualify for ONE promotional offer. If an individual would like to earn the offer up to four times, they must place four separate 200 PV orders.
  • Any orders or items returned that result in the order going below the 200 PV requirement will have to return the free product or the product will be charged on the members account.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.