One of the Best Guides You’ll Use

This is one of the best guides you’ll use, see its not simply a catalog it’s a guide on how to use the oils on you and your family.

Natural solutions can seem overwhelming but not when you have tools like this at your fingertips.  As you browse through the guide, you’ll see the suggested use for each oil whether aromatic, topical or internal use.  You’ll see these symbols throughout the guide:

As you browse the guide, it’ll help you choose what products you want to purchase.  It shares dōTERRAs mission, commitment to quality and our unique co-impact sourcing initiatives.

You’ll learn that essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from things like flowers, seeds, bark, stems, roots and other parts of the plants.  For those science”y” gurus you’ll learn what methods are used to extract the oils from the plants.

We’ve all walked past a blooming plant and stopped in our tracks to take in that amazing aroma.  I used to live near a peppermint field and man when the winds were headed our way it was heavenly!

Essential oils have been found to have soothing effects on the body and skin.  They can also help assist in other things like lifting your mood, powerful cleansing properties and some amazing calming properties too.

Just what is CPTG?  It stand for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  This dōTERRA standard will put you at ease knowing that you’re getting the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today.  The rigorous testing ensures you are getting the purest of all essential oils.

Where do I get the Product Guide?

Simply download a copy from this link.  You’ll have access to online shopping as well to buy products whenever you want by clicking her.  This will direct you to our shopping site.  You can browse the products there and shop all at the same time.

If I decide the membership option, what’s included?

  • Wholesale pricing! 25% off everything!
  • Access to exclusive education.
  • Your own personal support person
  • Access to our private educational Facebook support groups that is exclusive to our members
  • Ability to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program which gives you additional freebies and perks
  • Full or partial reimbursed shipping with every order
  • A 1-on-1 Membership Overview where we help you put together a plan for any health goals you may have
  • You get your own login account and we’ll show you how that works too
  • No obligation to order monthly, but you certainly can for added benefits.