Why you should create your own graphicsWhy should you create your own graphics? Do you want to be noticed and recognizable on social media? If you answered “Yes” to the second question, then that is why you should create your own graphics.

It is a common occurrence to run across the same corporate image from multiple individuals on social media.  Every time a new diffuser blend, new product release or new promotion is launched, I see the same image shared over and over again. In all honesty, I scroll right past all of those posts. I do not bother to read them at all. The poster might have valuable information to share, but consequently, they have lost my attention. This is not the only reason why you should create your own graphics. I cover 4 additional reasons below.

4 Reasons To Create Your Own Graphics

Copyright, branding, target audience, and recognition & consistency:

  1. Copyright is an important one. Never grab an image you do not have permission to use. We rely on Google to look up a lot of things. Using Google to pull random graphics from is not one you should rely on. Due to copyright laws and proprietary issues, you just might find yourself in the middle of a legal issue if you do.
  2. There is so much to consider about branding. There are 3 main points to think about regarding branding.  Your voice, your vision, and your visuals or graphics. Sharing other images and photos that are not yours will not reflect your voice, your vision, and your visuals. When you do not brand yourself, you promote someone else’s brand and their voice.
  3. When you create your own graphics, you should create them with your target customer in mind. Your company, more than likely, provides images for you to utilize on your social media platforms. When you use those images, you promote your corporate office. You limit yourself from reaching your target customer. For example, your corporate office can post a new image of an essential oil in a beautiful backdrop setting The image might list the benefits and uses of that oil. Does that particular image target your ideal customer? More than likely not. If your target customer is a mother of young to middle-aged kids, you need to think outside of the box. Determine how the essential oil will be helpful to them. What type of image will appeal and attract a mom of younger children? Next, you need to determine the best benefit and uses to highlight that are relatable to your ideal customer. How it will help make their lives easier or how can it be helpful to them.
  4. Recognition and consistency go hand in hand. Create images with your brand in mind and stay consistent. Post on a consistent basis and your followers will start to recognize your posts in their news feed right away.

How Do You Begin Creating Your Own Graphics

Not sure where to begin or how to start creating your own graphics? Start with a simple and easy to use graphic and photo editor like PicMonkey or Canva. Many of the graphics you see here on my website were created using PicMonkey and/or Canva.

Check out this awesome blog post, The Ultimate List of Graphics Resources for Direct Sellers, that touches on the common terminology you should know and contains some great lists of free resources.

When creating your own graphics, before posting, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Does this image reflect my brand?
  • Is this image geared towards my target customer?
  • Does this image fit into the message I want to convey?

Develop your brand and establish consistency to help you to become recognizable by your target customer and others on social media. Others will recognize your brand and most likely to visit your website to make a purchase.

If you are interested in learning more about creating your own graphics drop me a line here and I can hook you up with a great graphics boot camp course.

Do you create your own graphics? What applications do you like to use and why? Comment below and share what you find to be helpful.