7 Hostess Tips for Essential Oil Classes

Thinking about hosting an essential oils class, but not sure where to begin. Check out these hostess tips and be sure to download your free printable to help you plan a successful essential oils class.

  1. Make a guest list: Typically, only 25% of those invited will be able to attend. Over invite! Check out my free Empower Natural Class Guest List Planner printable to help you prepare your guest list.
  2. Inviting Your Guests: When inviting your guests, you want to give them enough time to schedule the class in their calendars and yet close enough to the class to not forget. Typically, 2 weeks is ideal. Anything less than 1 week would might not give your guest enough time.
  3. The Invite: The invite should be personal. Whether you are inviting a group of ladies to your home for a more intimate class or you are inviting friends to an online class, make your invite about them. DO NOT send a mass invite via text or on Facebook.
    • If possible, always invite in person. You will usually get the best response when you talk to your friends in person. Be sure to connect with the individual you are inviting. Make the call about them.
    • When inviting your friends to an essential oils class, be sure to mention how the essential oils will benefit them. For example, maybe mention how lavender essential oil helps promote a restful night’s sleep for those that might be having trouble sleeping. When you relate the oils to something that will benefit them, you are making it more personal. This will give them more of an incentive to attend for more information. If you are newer to essential oils and are not sure which oils to suggest then be sure to connect with your essential oil educator. Your essential oil educator can help with suggestions.
    • Share your experience with essential oils and explain why you are hosting a class. Being excited and sharing your enthusiasm will peak their interest.
  4. Offer Samples: If possible, offer the individuals on your guest list a sample of essential oils prior to the scheduled class. Check with your essential oil educator to determine what samples would be the best to offer. Giving your guests the opportunity to experience the oils ahead of time is best. Once they experience the oils they are able to come to class more prepared with potential questions they might have.
  5. Follow-Up: 1 to 2 days before your class, contact as many of your invited guests and instead of making it out to be a reminder call, make “just letting you know” calls. Check with your essential oil educator beforehand about any specials or drawings that might be available during your class. Let your invited guests know about these specials.
  6. Keep It Simple: When preparing for an essential oils class keep it simple. There is no need to break the bank or prepare an elaborate appetizer list. Keep it to one or two appetizers and serve ice water.
  7. Enjoy: On the day of class, sit back and relax. Let your essential oil educator do the rest!

Following these simple hostess tips will help ensure you have a successful essential oils class. Regardless if you are holding a class in person, in your home, or you are hosting an online essential oils class you can still follow these simple guidelines.

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