10 reasons why you should be bloggingWhy should you be blogging? There are a number of reasons you should be blogging, but for the purposes of this blog I am only going to focus on what I consider the top 10.
  1. Build your community: Blogging allows you to start building your community. Limiting your focus to just one social media platform will limit your community. There are so many individuals that do not use Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels at all. They have the same needs as your ideal client, they just are not on the same platform you are on. Blogging gives you the opportunity to open up to a whole new world of possibilities.
  2. SEO: There is this fabulous thing called SEO. Search Engine Optimization. SEO, when done right, allows others to find you. Think about the millions of individuals searching for different topics related to what you are doing everyday. If you don’t have valuable content out on the web, then who is really going to find you. Blogging allows you the opportunity to be found through SEO.
  3. Credibility: You build credibility and become a content expert. When you blog about your business, products or whatever it is you choose, you are sharing information on something. You are teaching others through your experiences and stories. You start to build trust and rapport.
  4. Branding yourself: Blogging is a great way to brand yourself and separate yourself from the pack. Every direct seller needs to brand themselves. Branding yourself allows you the opportunity to stand out from the rest. Anyone can buy that fancy new product your company just launched from any consultant, but why should they buy from you? Branding yourself allows your followers to connect with you based on common interests.
  5. Increased traffic: Blogging will drive more traffic to your replicated websites. I mentioned earlier blogging will help build your community. When you build your community, you are building potential traffic to your website leading to increased sales.
  6. Become a Leader: If you are blogging consistently about new and interesting ideas you will stay ahead in your brand. Everyone will want to follow you. Soon, before you know it, others in your brand will be following you!
  7. Increased Knowledge: Blogging prompts you to think outside of the box at times when it comes to new content. It challenges you to learn new things about your brand or company. Before you know it, you will be a walking textbook for your brand.
  8. Define your audience: Blogging allows you to hone in on your target audience. You might have a target audience in mind, but your blog analytics will allow you to identify specific blog topics, click-through, shares, and comments. You can even break it down to the most active time of day and the most popular days your target audience is active.
  9. Inspire: You just never know who’s life you might touch just through your words or stories. You are never alone.
  10. Blogs get read: It is highly likely someone will read a blog post before they read your e-mail or click on your newsletter. Think about that for a moment. In the last week, how many blog posts/articles have you read verses newsletters sent to you via e-mail? Simply put, blogs get read.
I could go on and list a ton more reasons, both personal and professional, why you should be blogging, but we will save those for another day. Are you starting to see why you should be blogging now? Are you able to imagine the potential opportunities you can gain from blogging?
Blogging can be scary. Trust me, I know. I am not a professional writer by any means, but I do love to tell stories and I love to share. Blogging was my big #BRAVE and I honestly think I might have uncovered a hidden passion. If blogging is something that has crossed your mind or something you are thinking about I highly recommend it!
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What do you think? Share your favorite top 10 blogging reason in comments.