Empower Natural Social Media Facebook Essential OilsA year ago I decided to take the big plunge and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. I was introduced to the world of essential oils a few months prior and I was just starting to open up to the possibilities of earning an income as a stay-at-home mom doing one of the things I love to do is teach others about essential oils. Did you hear that? Let me say it again out loud, “Stay-at-home mom.” Yes, my dream one day. I guess this is what you would define as “my vision.” One day, I would like to be able to stay at home and support my family in the ways that I “want” to support them. I want to be able to do what I want to do, when I want to do them. Not too much to ask, right? For now, I am a full-time working mom in the early stages of building her empire. “Wink”

As you can imagine, I was extremely excited and anxious to get started with my new business. My mind was running with all kinds of ideas and mental “to do” lists. I knew, at the minimum, I needed to take advantage of social media and put myself out there. The World Wide Web of endless possibilities, right?

Well, I quickly started working on my Facebook fan page just for essential oils. Being the perfectionist that I am, I took a couple weeks working on my page making sure everything was just right before my big reveal. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize in the beginning, all my questions related to social media, the hows, whys and the what not, would all end up coming to a screeching halt when I would seek assistance from my up line. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my up line! Some of these ladies are the sweetest and nicest ladies you will ever meet. They truly are an amazing group of beautiful women that support me. But, the cold hard truth, not everyone is a social media expert or even uses social media for that matter. You see, I was on my own when it came to the world of social media and promoting online. Yikes! I had my homework cut out for me.

Determined (and anxious), I was going to push forward on my own. And I did. I figured I was smart enough to research and teach myself what I needed to know. I did do my homework. Or I thought I did (I’ll get to that part later). I took some time to create the Facebook fan page I wanted. I started tapping into the world of graphics and slowly teaching myself how to create content for my page. I started using hashtags like I had been using them for years (I had never really used hashtags before). I joined several Facebook groups. At first, I was looking for essential oil groups I could join and use as a resource, learning and training tool. Then, I started looking for groups I could join just to network. I did try to reach out within the groups, but there was not a whole lot of response. Over time, what I discovered, these groups were more of a “dump-all” for advertising, cluttered with a ton of “join my team” and “like ladder” posts. Being somewhat green to the social media world from an entrepreneur perspective, I started to follow suit. I don’t think I was overly obnoxious, but I did find myself starting to post “special promotions,” free sample day posts and participating in the like ladders. I thought I was doing well. My page was getting a significant amount of likes in a short period of time, people were requesting free samples, and I would get an occasional like on my special promotion posts.

Over time, I started to notice my page was not getting any real reach. The only exposure or likes I would receive would be from free giveaways–and being new at this business, it was a struggle and extra expense to “giveaway” product. I could not really afford it. And those giveaways were mainly promoted by someone else I partnered up with in exchange for free product.

I continued to try and seek out networking groups, but I only ended up running into party swap groups (which never really work out anyway) and groups where the women were not really open to meeting up with individuals with different work schedules–I felt like the outsider, not part of the clique.

Then it happened…

I was perusing Facebook, not really looking for anything in particular when I stumbled across a Facebook group called The Socialite Suite (and I literally mean I randomly found this group). I started reading the group rules and it was like fireworks going off. What is this? A FREE group on social media tips and training!! I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Of course, I had to see what the group was all about, right?

After joining the group, I was amazed at all the valuable content I was finding and the amount of free content I had access to! It was so refreshing to find a group of other consultants from various different companies asking questions and sharing. I mean literally helping each other out! I was beside myself. I had been looking for a networking group where I could learn new things and connect with different people/businesses for nine months! Yes, it took me nine months to find the Socialite Suite.

Now, remember when I mentioned I was pushing forward and doing my research to teach myself what I needed to learn about social media? Well, let me tell you. I was in for a rude awakening. As I participated in the Socialite Suite I quickly learned what I thought I knew (and was quite proud of it) was all WRONG! I was doing it all WRONG! “I literally had a dear in the headlights moment.”

Remember those promotional posts I was sharing in different groups? Remember those like ladders I was participating in? Remember those giveaways I was spending money on for exposure? WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. You can image my dismay. I had spent nine months working to build a following and I was doing it all wrong. No wonder I was not getting any reach on Facebook any more. I was spending too much time on non-value added tasks and not enough time and focus on “building relationships.” It didn’t take me long to realize that I had a lot more work ahead of me. And so it began!

I headed back to the drawing board to start re-inventing my business. Would you like to know what I have been working on? Well, this blog site is one of them for starters!! What do you think? Stay tuned to future blog posts to follow along my journey as I share different tips and strategies I learned.

I’d love to hear what you think. Leave me some love in the comments or feel free to contact me directly. I would love to hear what types of things you are interested as it relates to essential oils, building your “empire” or maybe both! Interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you.